About JIA

Founded in 2006, JIA Business Association boasts over 1000 members and operates offices in all sevenregions of the Kyrgyz Republic.


JIA’s most fundamental objective is to protect the interests of entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors while promoting the economic expansion and private sector growth. JIA serves as an essential platform for connecting like minded businesses, forming partnerships, sharing advice and best practices, and seeking guidance and support from the member community.

JIA fosters strong relationships with government ministries and agencies, regularly meeting with officials to provide policy guidance from the private sector and convey grievances by  members seeking a resolution from the Kyrgyz government.

JIA’s Mission

The development of innovative, socially responsible industry leaders and create an open community of entrepreneurs striving to advance the Kyrgyz Republic.

JIA’s Vision

One green exporter in each family.

Strategy of Business Association JIA