Pro-Investment Legislative and Regulatory Incentives

Most-Favored-Nation (MFN) treatment regime with all World Trade Organization (WTO) members

Equal conditions for foreign and local companies

Right of access to international arbitrage for investors

Guarantees of export or repatriation of investment, property and information outside the Kyrgyz Republic

Guarantees of protection from expropriation of investments and compensation of losses to the investors

Freedom of monetary transactions (free conversion of currency, unbound, unrestricted money transfers)

No limits on foreign ownership or control

Wide protection of foreign investors rights by law on investments of the Kyrgyz Republic

Participation in privatization, purchase of shares and securities of Kyrgyz companies

Opportunities for public-private partnerships in the Kyrgyz Republic, guarantees of profit and fiscal preferences under the creation and operation of the state objects

Free Economic Zone

1 FEZ “Bishkek”

Located in the capital of the country -
economic and political center

2 FEZ “Maimak”

Conveniently located at the intersection of routes of
international transport corridors

3 FEZ “Leilek”

Favorable location for the development of
cross-border trade

4 FEZ “Karakol”

Offers huge opportunitrs for tourism developers

5 FEZ “Naryn”

Area is 46 thousand km2 that is about 1/4
of all the territory of thу country

Advantages of FEZ:

Low cost of rental for land and properties

Exemption from all taxes

Exemption from customs duties

Simplified and accelerated registration of legal entry

Simplified customs clearance procedures